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Inside Your Home

Check thermostat for air and humidity issues.

Run all sinks, showers, and flush all toilets.

Inspect refrigerator and dishwasher for mildew stains and mold.

Check hot water heater for issues or leaks.

Check all ceilings and walls for water marks or damage.

Check garage for insects and rodents, mold, or leaks, and humidity.

Outside Your Home

Check all doors, windows and screens to make sure there is no damage or tampering.

Make sure contractual work is being performed on landscaping and pool services.

Check all exterior walls, gutters and roof line for damage.

Check for insect or rodent issues and coordinate with contracted companies to fix problem.

Check mail and clear front of house and driveway of old adds and newspapers. Place mail in desired location or throw away junk mail according to client's wishes.


Start all vehicles requested by owner.

Check for any leaks under vehicles.

Check tire pressure and add air if necessary.

Check battery charger and timer.

Test drive vehicles if requested.

Extra Services Offered

Transport and shuttle service.

Status check on cleaners and pest control.

Grocery pick-up upon request.

Standing by until alarm is checked and cleared.

Home or rental opening and closing.

Setup hurricane shutter contractors for pre and post hurricane setup and take down.

Do pre hurricane check with picture and reports for clients.

Post hurricane check for damage with pictures and reports for clients.

At client's request setup estimates and contractors to repair damage with client's consent and authorization.

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